Located closest to Casa Carmelina, Conchas Chinas is a white sandy beach filled with beautiful sea shells. It has lush mountains on one side and aquamarine waters on the other.

Las Animas

Las Animas is known for its golden sands. It is located in the heart of the tourist area. Behind the beach are the gorgeous mountains and in front is the light blue Pacific Ocean.

Mismaloya Beach

Located at the foot of the mountains, Mismaloya Beach has beautiful blue-green waters and is perfect for a day trip. It has some of the best views, great restaurants and terraces.

Los Muertos

Los Muertos Beach is the most famous of all the beaches in Puerto Vallarta. Los Muertos offers an impressive selection of restaurants, bars, galleries, and clothing stores.

Playa Camarones

Located between Puerto Marques and Revolcadero Beach, this beach is a bit of a drive. It’s the best beach for surfing though. The beach is peaceful and doesn’t have vendors.

Playa de Oro

Playa de Oro is called the Gold Beach.  The beach is surrounded by rocks and creates a little bay that is distinctive and inviting at the same time.

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