The Malecon is Puerto Vallarta’s boardwalk. It’s a seaside promenade located at the edge of the ocean. It’s a great place to start off the night!

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church dominates downtown and the skyline. It’s a block from the main square and is the most iconic image in the city.

Zona Romantica

The Romantic Zone is located in Old Vallarta and is the busiest part of the town. Make sure to wear comfy shoes as the streets are cobblestone.

Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden

The botanical gardens are manicured and lush. There are many different paths to walk and bridges to cross. There is also a river that runs through the gardens where you can swim.

Museo Historico Naval

This museum provides a detailed account of the town and region from an aquatic perspective, starting with the Spanish Conquest and ending with Mexico’s modern navy.

Isla Rio Cuale

Isla Rio Cuale is located in the middle of the river that divides Old Town and Zona Romantica. The pedestrian space is lush and garden-like and contains a museum and souvenir shops.

Marina Vallarta

Marina Vallarta is located 15 minutes north of downtown Puerto Vallarta. It is a great spot for families and has the best restaurants and spas.

Los Arcos Marine Park

Los Arcos are 4 arches overlooking the sea. The original arches were taken from a ruined hacienda. It is the best place for people-watching.

Galleria Dante

This gallery is so diverse that it has over 60 artists. No matter your taste, you will be sure to find something that fits your style.

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